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Why Do I Need A Registered Agent In Delaware?

Does my startup need one?

Registered Agent in Delaware

A Delaware Registered Agent is required if you’re creating an LLC or corporation in the state of Delaware.

What Is a Delaware Registered Agent?

The point of contact between your business and the state where it was incorporated is a Registered Agent. Your Registered Agent in Delaware acts as a liaison between you and the Division of Corporations of the state of Delaware.

Legal paperwork and correspondence from the Delaware Division of Corporations must be received by Delaware Registered Agents promptly and forwarded to clients. Franchise Tax reports, late notices, invalid letters from the Secretary of State, and service of process for legal actions filed against your business are a few examples of documents that are received and transmitted.

Do I Need a Delaware Registered Agent?

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) need Registered Agents for a number of reasons, the most significant of which is that it is needed by law. According to section 132(a) of the Delaware General Corporation Law and section 18-104 of the Delaware LLC Act, “any corporation shall have and maintain in Delaware a Registered Agent,” according to the Delaware Code.

Having a Registered Agent not only enables you to follow Delaware law, but it also frees up your time to concentrate on more crucial facets of your company. In our capacity as your Registered Agent, we will send you reminders when the yearly Delaware Franchise Tax is due and, for a nominal service charge, we will help you file it on time.

Your relationship with the State of Delaware is terminated if your Delaware Registered Agent is not renewed. As a result, you and your company would be vulnerable to risks including losing the right to due process in court, paying fines for late tax payments, and losing your good standing.

When Should I Hire a Delaware Registered Agent?

You must include your company’s Registered Agent when you create a corporation or LLC directly with the state of Delaware. 

Regardless of the formation package you select, the first year’s Registered Agent service for corporations and limited liability companies is included. If your business maintains good status with the state of Delaware beyond the first year, our Registered Agent Fee is simply $50 each year.

Contact us if you’re interested in incorporating your startup in the US. We look forward to assisting you.