Tax & Bookkeeping

We customize your chart of bookkeppers oriented to investor reporting, we keep your bookkeeping up to date and we make your taxes predictable.

As VC-backed startups grow fast we give you an agile solution for every stage of growth.

Did you know that companies that have good bookkeeping, processes, and data systems eliminate the risks during Due Diligence and improve the chances of surviving an IRS audit? We undertake to make the process of bookkeeping and submitting your tax returns as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.

Whether you are thinking of forming your Startup in the US or are running your business already, it is essential to ensure that you comply and have a roadmap for all your tax obligations.  

Our team of startup bookkeeping experts delivers accurate books to you. Our digital platform minimizes errors and improves the efficiency and vision of your business. We keep quality bookkeeping so you can trust the numbers and make decisions with the best information.

What do we do?


Bookkeeping and Reports

Indirect and Direct Tax

Tax consultancy


R&D Credit

We're different in a good way.
We’re problem solvers.

What we have learned from working for, working at, and even running our startups is that startups and early-stage companies don’t need a CFO who thinks and behaves like traditional bookkeepers and lawyers. They need a CFO who can solve their clients’ problems with the founders’ perspective in mind – and at velocity.

Because we operate with an extremely agile, digital process, platforms, and one point of contact model, we can deliver best-in-class product in a cost-efficient manner.