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Important Steps To Raise Funds By Cold Email

Do you want your cold email to investors to be opened and read?

Create the ideal cold email

One of the most effective fundraising strategies you can employ to get your project in front of the appropriate prospects is cold email outreach.  

Remember… an investors job is to find the needle in the haystack, your job is to create signal amongst all of the noise. Below we’ll provide some tips to level up your fundraising game!

Keep it brief:

Make your emails brief. You just have less than 45 seconds to create an impression. The idea is to get a response rather than persuade someone to invest after reading your email. The opening line has the highest probability of getting read, so make it count.


Maintain simplicity and be specific:

One or two sentences explaining WHY the VC company you’re approaching is a good fit for you, Include this 7 bullet points:

  • Intro to the founders.
  • What problem are you solving?
  • Your solution for that problem.
  • Traction figures.
  • Information on the funding round.
  • Other important information that help you establish credibility.
Make your research:

100 cold emails copied and pasted in one hour: 1% conversion rate. Sending 10 distinct cold emails in an hour:  80% conversion rate. You’ll also have improved your writing abilities and done more study on the folks you’re attempting to assist.

Attach Pitch Deck, a must:

When sending a cold email to an investor, your goal is to decrease friction and make it as easy for them to say yes as possible.

If they are intrigued by your proposal, they will want to learn more straight away. Attach a pitch deck to make their lives simpler. Examine pitch decks from successful businesses to improve your own.

Include a forceful call to action:

Always make your request explicit when sending a cold email to investors. Are you looking for funding? Then suggest a brief introductory call or meeting.

Don’t be frightened:

The bulk of people never send cold emails. They are concerned that it would appear spammy and that they will be a bother. This offers you an advantage.

Most straightforward business arbitrage: the risk/reward of a well-written cold email is so overwhelmingly advantageous, yet so few people ever send one. Just press “send”! 

Don’t waste their time:

Respect the time of others. Explain the value you generate, and the VC will respond if they are interested.  Don’t ask for an hour of their day at this point; if there’s a possible fit, you’ll get there eventually.

So put up the finest cold email you possibly can. Make it fantastic in every aspect. Send it to your top VCs as well. Go with your gut!

P.S: investors also can be reached in their social media accounts!

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