Soft Landing & Legal

Will help to structure your startup, close funding rounds, and scale your business.

We specialized in venture-backed Startups. Most of our clients were invested by VC or angel investors. We assist our clients with various legal services that accompany them in each stage of growth.

 We work closely with the founders to structure the different transactions, the terms of the deals, the cap table strategy, and the incentive and founders protection plans.

What do we do?

Vesting & Advisors Agreements

LLC and C-corp

Operating Agreements/Bylaws

Software contracts

Cap Table Management

Intellectual Property

Investment Round

Investment Term Sheet / SAFE / Convertible Note

Softlanding for Startups

If you are a foreign founder who needs to incorporate your Holding or Subsidiary company in the US, we design, and execute the plan you need to start operating in the United States.

We make your investment efficient and achieve its goals in a short time. Our work is based on homogeneous processes that allow us to manage the challenge of working with different currencies and languages.

We're different in a good way.
We’re problem solvers.

What we have learned from working for, working at, and even running our startups is that startups and early-stage companies don’t need a CFO who thinks and behaves like traditional bookkeepers and lawyers. They need a CFO who can solve their clients’ problems with the founders’ perspective in mind – and at velocity.

Because we operate with an extremely agile, digital process, platforms, and one point of contact model, we can deliver best-in-class products in a cost-efficient manner.

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