CFO Solutions

We help you to make the right choices today and tomorrow

As your company grows and your financial needs change, count CFOstartup fractional CFO services to make the right choices for your company—today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows after that. Our team has deep startup and VC experience to guide you through at every stage (Seed, Series A, B, or C).

We diagnose the most sensitive points of your company, we focus on knowing your challenges and according to the evaluation, we assign you a highly qualified CFO that dedicates to your company the amount of time per month that best suits your strategy and your budget.

What do we do?

Fractional CFO & Controller:

Financial support to every stage of your startup

Strategy & M&A Support

We prepare an agenda to capture the greatest value in the Exit of your company.


Strategy & Support

409A Valuation

We help you understand how valuable your company is

Cap Table Management

We help you understand how different investment rounds will affect dilution and payouts.

VC & Due Diligence

Accurate and organized information that the VCs and buyers need to know

International Taxes

Our CFO leads the process of financial, tax, and legal internationalization of your startup.

Budget & forecast

We help you determine and establish your short and long-term financial goals.

Cash Management

We help you in transactional management so that the Burn Rate is efficient.

Reporting and representation on the Board

Financial modeling and Business Intelligence

We analyze the financial data of your startup to generate knowledge where there were doubts before.

US GAAP and IFRS consolidation

We prepare your reports according to investors' needs and reconcile regulatory gaps (IFRS vs. USGAAP).

We're different in a good way.
We’re problem solvers.

What we have learned from working for, working at, and even running our startups is that startups and early-stage companies don’t need a CFO who thinks and behaves like traditional accountants and lawyers. They need a CFO who can solve their clients’ problems with the founders’ perspective in mind – and at velocity.

Because we operate with an extremely agile, digital process, platforms, and one point of contact model, we can deliver best-in-class product in a cost-efficient manner.