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Easily start and manage your startup in the US with VC standards from day one! Affordable, tailor-made, and comprehensive incorporation packages to launch your startup from anywhere in the world.



Let Lazo handle the tedious task of bookkeeping, so you can focus on building your startup with confidence. Our platform and expert team ensures your financial data is organized and accurate for investors from the beginning.



Unleash your fundraising potential with insightful KPIs and unit economics dashboards. From crafting persuasive investor stories to navigating the complexities of the funding process, Lazo stands by your side, empowering your startup to reach new financial heights.



Save time and money with our startup legal framework for VC-Readiness. Ensure founders commitment, prevent equity dilution, manage your captable and optimize tax-efficiency. From inception to growth, we provide you with industry standard solutions for every stage of your startup's success.



Streamline payroll tax compliance with Lazo. Our automated processes simplify payroll tasks, minimizing manual efforts and administrative burdens. This improved efficiency leads to significant cost and time savings for your startup.



Simplify taxes with Lazo - We understand the overwhelming complexities founders face when dealing with taxes. We provide peace of mind and a clear roadmap by ensuring your startup is well-prepared for tax compliance during investor due diligence and potential IRS audits.

All in one solution


Rodrigo Irarrazaval(CEO & Co-Founder, Illow)

'Lazo's package aligns perfectly with our necessities. Their services are efficient and the team is incredibly pleasant to collaborate with. As a startup, that's what we look for'

Peace of mind


Martin Ferrari(CEO & Co-Founder, 123Seguro)

'With Lazo by our side, we've been able to focus on building our business while knowing that our financial and legal matters are in capable hands.'

Clear roadmap


Carlos Del Valle(CEO & Co-Founder, Tonder)

'Lazo has given us the guidance and transparency to navigate and stay bulletproof in the tax environment on the US'


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Lazo | The all-in-one financial, legal, and fundraising SaaS platform for VC-backed startups |Lazo | The all-in-one financial, legal, and fundraising SaaS platform for VC-backed startups |Lazo | The all-in-one financial, legal, and fundraising SaaS platform for VC-backed startups |

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